Exchange Server

If your organization uses email for collaboration, you are probably using Microsoft Exchange. Although the word around is that email is dead, Exchange is still being used widely by organizations small to large.

Exchange server was initially used internally at Microsoft, but was released to the public on 1996. The first version of Exchange server that was sold publicly was Exchange Server 4.0. Before that, Microsoft sold email server products know as Microsoft Mail.

Now days, Exchange is available as an on-premises installation and as a hosted solution by Microsoft and other partners as Exchange Online

The latest version of the on-premises Exchange is Exchange Server 2016 ( For reference, the version before it (Exchange Server 2013) was

During the last Microsoft Ignite conference, there was a celebration of 20 years of Exchange, in which a video was shown poking fun at some significant moments in Exchange history –

 Top 10 Moments in 20 Years of Exchange Server


We, at Sagacity-IT are already implementing and managing Exchange Server 2016 with some of our clients.

Contact us today to find out how we (and Exchange Server 2016) can help with your organization’s collaboration needs.